12 Easy DIY Gifts That Cost Less Than $3 to Make

It’s not necessary to invest lots of money to exhibit someone just how much they mean for you.

We come up with a summary of 12 easy DIY gifts you may make for $3 or fewer that can make someone smile, demonstrate to them you appreciate them making them feel special.

And you may result in the gift much more personal by packaging it in DIY gift wrap that’s fancy but nonetheless frugal.

1. Instagram Picture Album

In case your friend or relative comes with an Instagram account, you are able to take screenshots of countless photos from their feed and print them at Walmart. If you are using the Walmart Photo application, you are able to print them in an in-store kiosk for around 10 cents each. Insert them in a $1 picture album from the dollar store.

This may be an excellent gift for teens or university students who might want to have actual photos — and not simply digital ones — years lower the street.

This photo shows a photo album of children's art work on a brown table next to a succulent and other photo albums. This is a cheap, DIY present you can make this Halloween for grandparents.

2. Kids’ Art Picture Album

Take photos of the kids’ art — whether it’s art they lately produced in class or pieces you’ve saved through the years — and employ the Walmart Photo application to print them for around about 10 cents each. Insert them in a $1 picture album in the dollar store. It’s an ideal gift for grandma and grandpa.

3. Personalized Directional Signs 

An enjoyable, personalized gift is to produce a group of directional signs pointing towards the person’s favorite destinations. Find out the towns, metropolitan areas, beaches, colleges or any other locations where are essential towards the person, then apply up the number of miles away it’s in the person’s home.

Purchase a bundle of 25 narrow, pointed wooden stakes from the place like Walmart. The stakes cost about $9.50, if you make four teams of six signs, it’ll cost about $2.37 a collection. Use paint or paint pens to create what they are called and distance from the landmarks around the stakes. They are able to then be individually attached for an interior wall or nailed to some deck railing, a publish that holds a hammock, or fence publish.

4. Zen Sand Box 

These usually cost $10 to $30, but you may create a Zen sand pit ready for meditative raking at little cost. Here’s what you ought to constitute to 10 Zen gardens:

  • A bag of smooth aquarium sand: $5
  • Wooden forks for natural-searching “rakes”: $4.39 for 100
  • An smallish, empty box (like ones employed for jewellery or tea bags): Free
  • Pop-sicle sticks: 100 for $1.79 at Target
  • Rocks or shells found on your lawn, the park or even the beach: Free

Here’s how you can turn this stuff right into a Zen sand pit:

  • Cut the pop-sicle sticks lower to suit the 4 sides from the box, and glue these to the outdoors from the box.
  • Add sand, rake, rocks and/or shells.
  • Tape the lid on very tightly so that you can wrap this area.  Place the sealed box right into a plastic bag, after which wrap it.

5. DIY Snow Globe

You may make a snow globe using small trinkets. A little ornament can be used as a vacation-themed snow globe, or create a personalized one using favorite Lego figures, Polly Pocket dolls, or vintage figurines or tchotchkes available at a thrift store or garage sale.

You’ll should also acquire some glycerin, which is the reason why glitter fall gradually within the snow glove. Glycerin is really a non-toxic, odor free and without color alcoholic liquid usually present in animal fats and vegetable oils. It’s utilized as an epidermis conditioner and could be available at drugstores for approximately $3 for any small bottle.

Here’s steps to make one:

  • Cleanse a clear pickle jar, jelly jar or any other jar that’s similar in dimensions.
  • Glue the ornamental piece or pieces towards the lid from the jar, and make certain they’re dried and secure before getting to the next phase.
  • Fill the jar almost filled with water. Make certain to determine just how much water you’re investing in the jar because it’s important to know for the following step.
  • Add 2 to 3 teaspoons of glycerin per cup water.
  • Add in regards to a tablespoon of glitter.
  • Put superglue around the lid, then screw it on tightly.
  • Shake and revel in!
A recipe box sits on a table with recipes on index cards sitting outside the box with spices and measuring spoons. This is a cheap DIY gift you can give someone for Christmas.

6. Family Recipe Box

This can be done digitally or this can be done that old-fashioned way. If you are choosing an electronic version, produce a file of favorite recipes, then write the specific file on the card. If you’d enjoy having an actual recipe box, you are able to print the recipes on cards or paper, and summary the gathering. Then add calculating spoons in the dollar store, which you’ll have for about $1. You may also personalize the spoons with paint pens.

7. Late Curfew

For those who have a teen, they’ll be thrilled to obtain a homemade “gift card” to have an extended curfew on New Year’s Eve or even the nights their selecting. This gift won’t set you back not perhaps a couple of grey hairs.

8. Late Bed time

You have to offering an elementary-aged boy or daughter the opportunity to stay awake a couple of hours past bed time.

9. Help Make Your Own Wreck This Journal

A number of clever journals known as Wreck This Journal is ideal for kids aged five to ten. Each page includes a prompt: leave an indication around the page, rub dirt onto it, write your company name together with your eyes closed, paint with coffee, or color outdoors the lines.

You may make you have by purchasing a spiral notebook in the dollar store and writing instructions on every page. Here are a few prompts you can begin with this aren’t in Wreck This Journal:

  • Write your company name as large as you are able to.
  • Write your company name no more than you are able to.
  • Crumple this site up right into a ball and toss it to your rubbish bin from a minimum of 10 ft away.
  • Draw an image of your property throughout a snow storm, rainstorm and heatwave.
  • Draw an image of the poultry together with your hands, tear it into eight pieces then tape it together again.
  • Paint in this article having a paintbrush drizzled with your dog’s water bowl.

You may also develop some prompts of your!

10. Custom Spotify Playlist

A custom playlist full of songs is loaded on an iPad on a Spotify playlist with ear buds on top of the playlist. This is a free gift you can give music lovers on Christmas.

Produce a custom Spotify playlist for music enthusiasts or sentimental relatives in your list.

For that sentimental touch, include songs from movies or plays you saw together, songs you danced to, songs you took in to some lot within the vehicle on the certain journey or songs with significant lyrics.

For that music buff, do your homework and assemble songs they’ve never heard and can enjoy according to their preferred artists. Write the song list on certificates and wrap. Once they open their gift, ask if you’re able to use their phone for any couple of minutes so that you can produce the playlist on their own Spotify take into account them.

11. Pick-Up Sticks

Collect 20 chopsticks within the the following month from Asian restaurants to create your personal group of pickup sticks. Use Sharpies or paint pens to brighten all of them with patterns, words or names.

12. Scratch-Off Lottery Tickets 

OK, this isn’t exactly a do it yourself gift, but it’s a simple one which doesn’t be expensive. Three $1 tickets could finish up being worth much more, but when they aren’t, it’s fun to scratch and dream.

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