5 Platforms That’ll Let You Sell Used Books Online

Full book shelves are awesome — there isn’t any doubt about this. There’s something about this colorful Instagram-ready aesthetic that screams “I’m educated and I am not afraid to exhibit it!”

But you probably know this — lots of individuals books are simply gathering dust.

Whether you have a stack of novels you read once and also have no aim of studying again or perhaps a stack you’ve never read to begin with, it’s time to check out steps to make money by selling your used books online.

Here’s what you ought to know of the most widely used platforms that will help you sell used books online:

  • Amazon . com
  • AbeBooks
  • Etsy
  • Decluttr
  • Letgo

Amazon . com

The apparent option for many is Amazon . com, but selling about this platform is another a bit more complicated compared to other available choices about this list.

How you can Sell Books on Amazon . com

First, setup an Amazon . com seller account. You’ll require the following products on hands: business and phone address, mobile or phone number, chargeable charge card and identity details (motorists license or passport).

You will be requested where you need to sell your products. Amazon . com sells to many countries, but when you’d only prefer to sell in The United States, Japan and/or Europe, simply look into the boxes, then click next.

Then you will be requested to select a fulfillment method. Amazon . com offers two ways:

  • Fulfillment by Seller (FBS): You’ll pack and ship every book that somebody orders of your stuff.
  • Fulfillment by Amazon . com (FBA): You’ll ship all of your books to Amazon . com, so when a purchase is positioned, Amazon . com handles the packaging and shipping. 

FBS requires more work from you, because you’ll result in packing and shipping the books in addition to calculating the price of shipping in line with the product’s weight, but you’ll also cost nothing to select your personal shipping service.

Just How Much It Is to market Books on Amazon . com

Selling Plan

Amazon . com offers two plans:

  • The Person Plan: This costs $.99 per unit offered, and it is perfect for people selling less than 40 units per month.
  • The Professional Plan This costs$39.99 monthly and is the best for people selling greater than 40 units per month who should also advertise.

Referral Charges

For each item offered, Amazon . com sellers pay the organization a referral fee, that is a number of the entire cost — including item cost, shipping cost, and then any gift-wrapping charges — or perhaps a minimum amount, whichever is larger.

For books, the referral fee is 15% additionally to some $1.80 closing fee. You’ll pay that additionally towards the selling plan charges.

Fulfillment Charges: FBA versus. FBS

These rely on which fulfillment method you select:

  • Amazon . com FBA: Your fee every month for storing your goods in an Amazon . com Fulfillment Center depends upon just how much inventory you’re delivering them and just how lengthy these products wallow in it before selling. Additionally, you’re accountable for charges connected with packing and shipping your products towards the warehouse. In case your books are slow to market, you might be susceptible to lengthy-term storage charges and removal order charges. More details are available here.
  • Amazon . com FBS: You’ll need to pay your personal shipping costs upfront, but Amazon . com may also charge a shipping fee in line with the product category and shipping method, that will then be forwarded to you like a shipping credit. For books, the shipping fee might be everything from $3.99 for domestic standard shipping to $46.50 for worldwide expedited shipping. Detailed information are available here.

Other Charges

Additionally towards the charges above, you might finish track of refund charges, high-volume listing charges along with a rental book service charge of $5 per rental if you are renting textbooks instead of selling them. A complete introduction to another costs are available here.

What you ought to Know Before You Begin

These pointers will pave the way for success when selling used books on Amazon . com:

  • Choose your plans wisely. Many sellers don’t think FBA is a great choice for a little seller — it’s an excessive amount of a problem for someone searching to simply create a little money off a couple of books.
  • Follow Amazon’s listing guidelines. Experienced sellers suggest new sellers adhere carefully to Amazon’s guidelines for grading a book’s condition. If your title is even slightly used, don’t list it as being new. Be as specific as you possibly can with what’s been broken so that your customers understand what they’re buying and will not be surprised when their package arrives.
  • Be truthful. Should you grade a magazine incorrectly, you’re more prone to get negative feedback. After a lot of bad reviews, Amazon . com will request you to little one the woking platform.
  • Determine your prices. Many sellers recommend accumulated all your costs — postage, packing materials, your time and effort and also the Amazon . com selling charges — and compare that total towards the book’s original value.

Who Should Sell Used Books on Amazon . com?

A person looks at a book.

For those who have lots of new or lightly used books to market, Amazon . com may meet your needs.  However, if you are only selling a couple of books, you might want to look elsewhere.


AbeBooks is really a global digital industry for used books, art work and collectibles.

Sellers using AbeBooks have the effect of establishing their very own listings, storing their inventory and shipping their very own products. You’ll also set your personal shipping rates and speeds.

How you can Sell Books on AbeBooks

First, it’s important to decide if you wish to purchase an expert account or simply sell a couple of products with the website’s Book Buyback section.

To complete the second, after this you need to select a partner website to utilize. You’ve two choices: Ziffit or TextbookRush, the second being best if you are selling — you suspected it — textbooks. Let’s assume exactly the same thing used books that aren’t textbooks, meaning you’ll select Ziffit.

You’ve two ways to look for books in Ziffit’s database: through its website and taking advantage of its free application. You’ll either type the bar code into figures in to the field on Ziffit’s homepage, or you’ll make use of the application to scan the bar code together with your smartphone.

Once you discover it you need to sell within the database, the service displays a deal. For instance, I entered the bar code in my hardcover copy of Lindy West’s “The Witches Are Coming” also it provided a deal of $2.22.

The web site includes a minimum $15 total item value needed for each exchange, therefore if I were to undergo with my trade, I’d need to enter several more book barcodes before the total hit $15.

Every book must satisfy the following standards:

  • Come with an ISBN number that suits the ISBN you posted.
  • Include all original supplements (for example CDs) and it is dust jacket (whether it had one).
  • Includes a cover free of heavy damage with no water damage and mold whatsoever.
  • Has all pages intact without any writing, annotation or discoloration.

After your books have been valued and you’ve arrived at the $15 minimum, hit “complete the trade” and you will be because of the important information to package and send your products safely.

Just How Much It Is to market Books on AbeBooks

If you prefer a professional AbeBooks account, you’ll need to pay $25 or even more per month. Plus, you’ll have to try to get it.

The cheaper (i.e. free) choice is to market with the website’s Book Buyback section, i.e. through either TextbookRush or Ziffit.

Neither TextbookRush or Ziffit need you to purchase postage — every book buyback will get a totally free trackable FedEx shipping label — but you’ll need to provide your personal box, if you do not have someone to reuse, you’ll need to purchase one.

What you ought to Know Before You Begin

  • Keep the shipping receipt. You’ll wish to ensure that it stays as evidence of shipping so that you can make use of the company’s free drop-off service at the nearest FedEx.
  • Sell frequently. Individuals that like Ziffit with the Book Buyback portion of AbeBooks get compensated with the idea to their bank or PayPal account, and also the payments are available in weekly should you still sell. Therefore if weekly payments seem good, sell as often as possible through the month.
  • Make use of the application. If you are on the run or deep within the trenches of the basement bookcase and wish to rapidly scan barcodes instead of enter in the entire ISBN, Ziffit will come in application form on the internet Play or even the Apple Application Store.

Who Should Sell Used Books on AbeBooks?

Several seller reviews on Trustpilot stated the services are efficient at having to pay sellers quickly, therefore if having your money quick is really a priority for you personally, consider AbeBooks.


You already utilize it to look cute hands-made goods, however, you most likely didn’t know there is a whole community of individuals selling books on Etsy.

How you can Sell Used Books on Etsy

First, you’ll are thinking about creating a free account. You may either use Facebook or Gmail to rapidly create one, or make one making use of your current email address.

Next, you will be led via a process to setup your shop, that will include selecting a reputation for the shop, the currency you’ll accept, and just what products you need to sell (including photos and descriptions).

Pro Tip

Recycle for cash much more stuff on Etsy? Our step-by-step guide on how to earn money on Etsy can help you get began.

You’ll also need to decide how to deal with shipping. You may choose to create shipping free, or they are able to decide to have sellers pay it off. Should you select the latter, you may make it an interest rate you select, or get it instantly calculated for you personally by Etsy.

You are able to choose to incorporate a handling fee and choose where they’re prepared to shipped to. You’ll should also choose how your clients is going to be billed and just how you’ll receive that cash.

The Vendor Guide has countless articles for anybody who’s beginning out.

Just How Much It Is to market Books on Etsy

It’s free to setup a free account on Etsy, but there’s a couple of additional fees connected with really selling products online.

  • Listing charges: You will be billed an inventory fee of $.20 for every item you place up for purchase using your account. (An inventory can last for four several weeks or before the item is offered.)
  • Transaction charges: Whenever you create a purchase, you will be billed a transaction fee of 5% from the cost you display for every listing (including the total amount you charge for shipping and gift wrapping).
  • Advertising and marketing charges: You can purchase compensated advertising on Etsy with the Advertising Dashboard in Shop Manager. Read Discover more about individuals charges here.
  • Subscription charges: Etsy sellers up to date can join Etsy Plus, an optional subscription package offering tools for sellers who’re growing their brands. The cost of this subscription is $10 monthly.
  • Shipping charges: Etsy offers sellers in a few areas the opportunity to buy shipping labels to satisfy their orders. The price of labels depends upon the shipping carrier along with the origin, destination, size and weight from the package. (If you are not in a single of individuals designated areas, you’ll need to pay for your own personel postage.)

What you ought to Know Before You Begin

There are many methods to determine how much cash you may make off your books. For instance if you opt to make shipping free, you’ll go ahead and take brunt of this cost yourself, which are only worthwhile if you are selling several books that cost the vendor greater than it is you to definitely ship.

You may also see the website along with other websites/apps about this list to determine just how much most people are selling their same title for, and when your book appears like it’s in better condition, bump your cost just a little greater than their own (exactly the same for that opposite, therefore if yours is much more worn, market it for under that individual listed their own for).

Who Should Sell Used Books on Etsy?

Just like Amazon . com, using Etsy to market used books requires much more of a period investment, so it’s a great choice for those who have an area filled with titles they’re selling, instead of selling a shelf’s price of novels.

It is also worth thinking about Etsy if you are selling rare books which are and in great condition. Liz McCrory, of Houston, stated she buys books from Etsy constantly, particularly when searching for any first- or second- edition paperback she can’t find at her local indie book shop.


A woman works on her laptop from home.

Decluttr is comparable to AbeBooks somewhat, because the platform uses both an application and a web site to sell a variety of used goods, but several key variations between your platforms — particularly ways to get began and the way to navigate them — might make you prefer one within the other.

How you can Sell Books on Decluttr

First you’ll either download the application or visit Decluttr’s website and click on the “Sell CDs, DVDs, Games &amp Books” tab.

Next, you’ll enter your book’s bar code, either by typing it in to the website or checking it while using application, and click on “Add” to determine just how much the web site will give you for the item.

This is when things have more complicated. To accomplish the transaction — that is how Decluttr describes both products exactly the same thing and products you’re buying —  your basket must contain a minimum of $5 price of products and can include a minimum of 10 media products a treadmill tech item. For instance, after i make the barcodes for that books “Becoming” and “Shrill,” it didn’t produce the choice to look at yet since the two-item basket was just worth $1.46.

After you’ve met the factors, you’ll take a look at. You’ll pick 1 of 3 choices to get compensated: direct deposit, PayPal or donate to charitable organization.

Finally, print your free UPS shipping label, pack the books inside a box and set the label around the box. Your box is able to be delivered in a UPS Store, Customer Center or Approved Retail Store. (You may also hands it to some UPS driver.)

Just How Much It Is to market Books on Decluttr

Decluttr is among the least expensive platforms about this list because it’s nearly free of charge, including shipping. The only real factor you need to cover is the price of this area to bring along your books in, which cost could be eliminated if you have one.

What you ought to Know Before You Begin

With Decluttr, the only method to earn more money is money books, so dig in to the into the closet and also the depths of the basement to make certain you aren’t missing any potential novels to market.

Who Should Sell Used Books on Decluttr?

It’s not necessarily a bad idea for doing things if you are doing just what the name intends — to declutter your home — but don’t be prepared to make even more than a couple of dollars.

Decluttr can also be helpful for those who recycle for cash technology along with other bits of physical media like DVDs. You’ll most likely earn more money if you are using it to market old gadgets instead of books.


Letgo is, in lots of ways, the more, more contemporary form of eBay. You choose the cost you need to sell your book for, then you definitely wait for nibble.

How you can Sell Books on Letgo

You’ll create a forex account, then choose the group of what exactly the same thing. Books aren’t listed like a category, so it’s important to select “Other” — and drag a photograph of the items exactly the same thing in to the designated box.

Select a cost for that item (or provide away free of charge), produce a title for that product listing and write an account.

Then watch for anyone to achieve out through the application and say they’re interested.

If somebody contacts you to definitely say they’d like to buy, you identify how/when/in which the item will be sent to the customer and just how the cash is going to be exchanged.

Just How Much It Is to market Books on Letgo

Letgo’s website states it doesn’t charge “most” sellers a charge for posting their listings. It normally won’t have a number of any user’s sales, but may charge a “nominal posting fee” inside a “few select locations and groups to make sure a much better experience for consumers.”

Creating a free account is free of charge, so when I attempted the site by posting a magazine, I wasn’t needed to provide anything to Letgo.

The greatest cost distinction between Letgo along with other platforms is the fact that it’s completely that which you model of it. The woking platform also doesn’t facilitate any financial transactions. If you are supplying someone nearby, for instance, you are able to get together to switch the merchandise and it is payment, bypassing shipping costs. This is the way most sellers finish up while using application, particularly since the application utilizes a shopper’s geographic place to show products for purchase within their area.

What you ought to Know Before You Begin

Stay organized and alert. Having the ability to sell and receive payment completely by yourself terms (think: platforms like Facebook Marketplace) is liberating, but it is also dangerous and you can get scammed.

Pro Tip

This informative guide can help you stay safe when selling or buying stuff online.

Make certain you’re taking extra steps like verifying your buyer is indeed a person and double-examining the payment method you’ve decided on. If you are likely to get together personally for any transaction, achieve this inside a public place having a family member or friend present.

Who Should Sell Used Books on Letgo?

If you are a skilled seller searching to create a little money by supplying individuals your immediate region, this may be an excellent platform for you.

However if you simply do not have much selling experience, you might be more in danger of being cheated, and you might want to choose a platform like AbeBooks or Decluttr.

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