6 Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Agent to Save Money and Hassle

If you are out to purchase or sell a home, you might be wondering if it is essential to hire a realtor. The TLDR? Most likely.

However if you simply take some concrete proof of why getting a Realtor is a great move (hint: they’ll increase your profits and help you save headaches), here’s our listing of the very best six advantages of hiring a realtor.


Whichever side from the deal you’re on, getting a realtor in your team can help you save money.

For sellers, a realtor will help you sell your house for additional. Based on the Nar 2017 Profile of Home Consumers, the median selling cost for houses offered by agents was $60,000-90,000 greater than individuals offered solely by home proprietors (also known as for purchase by owner, or FSBO).

If you are a purchaser, hiring a realtor can help make sure you get a great deal in your home out on another overpaying.

“Real auctions know the need for qualities within their area,” states broker Liz Loadholt from the AgentOwned Real estate Co. “So they are fully aware if your rentals are overpriced or underpriced.”


Nobody likes documents, and unfortunately buying or selling a house involves a variety of it.

From initial examinations to final contracts and titles, there’s lots of documentation which goes into selling or buying a house, and you’ll want someone that will help you keep it in check all.

“In property transactions, there’s a whole lot of small details and documents,” states Maria Quattrone, Chief executive officer of Maria Quattrone &amp Associates at RE/MAX @ HOME. “A Realtor can be used to juggling real-time market conditions, inspection dates, mortgage approval contingencies, seller’s disclosures, closing dates and exclusions — and that’s only for starters. It’s hard to navigate all individuals factors by yourself.”

Additionally, your agent will review every document to make sure that the contracts you’re going to sign will work to your benefit.

“A good realtor is well-experienced on paper contracts to best safeguard their client,” states Loadholt. “For example, a Research contract is the best for buyers, because this enables the customer a particular period of time to look at a brand new property, and cancel it when they find what you don’t like.”

Expert eye

Realtors know a poor deal once they see one. Something that could be a non-problem for you (or go completely undetected) will make a skilled Realtor cringe. And we all can agree — it’s better to understand about warning flags in advance.

“Real auctions might help identify if your house is a poor buy or simply overpriced,” states Realtor Dr. Randy Bell. “Some common warning flags include sellers hesitant to take proper care of necessary repairs, or otherwise disclosing details about the house.”

Employing an agent means you’ll come with an extra group of eyes on just of knowledge that you come accross, and also the best possibility of purchasing a home that’s a worthy investment.


Should you thought negotiating for any better cost on home of your dreams could be as simple haggling having a street vendor, reconsider. Settlement of both exchanging could be incredibly complicated, and it is beneficial to possess someone in your corner who’s tried it before.

“Negotiation is a huge factor,” states Chris Cucchiara of Keller Johnson Real estate Central Coast. “A good buyer’s agent works using the selling agent and obtain a deal recognized that’s a few 1000 to thousands of dollars less than the initial selling price.”

You have to sellers — in to get the most from your deal and steer clear of putting yourself in a disadvantage, you’ll want a real estate agent who understands how to negotiate.


Among the best areas of dealing with a realtor may be the access it offers a superior to all their connections. Require a staging company, a professional photographer, or perhaps a great last-minute handyman? Your agent most likely knows one, and may hook you up like a priority customer.

“Realtors possess a network of connections with contractors, inspectors and fellow agents,” states Suzanne Seini of Active Real estate. “Their network provides clients with a lot more insight they wouldn’t get otherwise, which relationships might help both consumers avoid added costs whilst getting work done efficiently.”

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It may be the first time selling or buying a house, however it isn’t their own. Understanding all of the intricacies from the agreement you’re going to enter is a nice tall order, and that’s why a lot of people use Realtors for help.

“The primary benefit for buyers is understanding just how much to pay for so when just to walk away,” states Bell.  “As for sellers, an experienced agent will easily notice clients when you should accept a deal simply because they realize it won’t have any much better than that.”

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