7 Productive Things to Do in the Summer for College Students

Are you currently graduating college or finishing a semester this month and feeling like you’re stuck in limbo due to the COVID-19 pandemic?

Hiring freezes, canceled internships and remain-at-home orders have tossed lots of summer time 2020 plans the window. 

But you may still take full advantage of your summer time break to help your education, experience and talent-building — it’ll just take some versatility and creativeness.

Listed here are seven productive things you can do within the summer time for school kids.

7 Methods to Make use of the Summer time With no employment

Here are a few creative methods to make use of the summer time break if your normal work or internship is from the table.

1. Take Online For Free Classes

Likely to class may not come out on top for summer time break, but this can be a smart time for you to develop valuable career skills.

MOOCs, massive open web based classes, allow you to take classes from real universities — even heavy hitters like Durch and Harvard — online with free streaming.

Listed here are five important soft skills you can study through online for free courses this summer time:

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Multicultural literacy
  • Storytelling and communication
  • Personal branding and social networking literacy
  • A brand new language

Get them through these free MOOCs.

You are able to bone on hard skills through online tutorials, too. These skills will be handy for any field:

  • Using a spreadsheet
  • Using G-Suite apps
  • Using WordPress
  • Using social networking
  • How you can edit audio and video
  • How you can edit photos and graphics
  • How you can administer first-aid
  • How you can evaluate data

Study up through these free tutorials.

2. Earn Credits free of charge

The College Level Examination Program enables you to earn college credit in fundamental subjects like math and history if you take a test.

CLEP exams cost $89 to consider, but you will get charges covered through Modern States’ Newcomer Year free of charge program. Enroll free of charge web based classes and tutoring with the program, also it covers your CLEP exam fee (for that first 10,000 students).

Test centers survive college campuses along with other locations round the country, and you’ve got to appear personally to have an exam. Stop schedule your exam whenever the campus is open for classes (including summer time semesters).

Test centers is going to be closed if their host campuses are closed, but look out for that CLEP coronavirus updates for the potential of remote testing, and phone your chosen test center for details about availability.

3. Obtain a Project Grant

Make use of the summer time to operate by yourself creative project! It might make good resume fodder — particularly if you win a grant to finance it.

Take a look at these sources to locate grants for artists:

  • Format Magazine’s listing of 36 art grants.
  • Grantspace’s info on how to locate and make an application for grants for individual artists.
  • The Awesome Foundation makes $1,000 grants at 91 worldwide chapters every month for all kinds of “crazy brilliant idea” (not only to the humanities).

If you want emergency funding due to lost work because of the coronavirus, peruse our lists of emergency grants for artists and educational funding for authors.

Even though you don’t win a grant, finishing a task which will impress a potential employer could repay in a major way later on.

4. Volunteer Virtually

If your lost internship or job chance leaves an opening inside your summer time schedule, consider filling it with volunteer work. The knowledge looks good in your resume, and volunteering could be just like valuable as job experience for building helpful career skills as well as networking.

Exactly the same way information mill shifting to remote work as a result of the pandemic, plenty of nonprofit organizations are moving volunteer work online, too. With elevated social need along with a presidential election this season, service, advocacy and political organizations need assistance from coast to coast.

Find volunteer possibilities on the internet and in your town through Idealist.

5. Freelance inside a Related Field

A woman practices her calligraphy.

A lot of work that could be highly relevant to your future career might be available on the web as freelance gigs.

Writing is particularly sought after also it offers the chance to begin working with no degree, experience or particular expertise (though all these could enable you to get more income lower the road).

Begin by searching for freelance blogging jobs, which often possess a lower barrier to entry. When you are a couple of printed pieces beneath your belt, try pitching a tale to some greater-having to pay outlet.

Not really a author? Try your hands at as being a va, artist or one of these simple more unusual freelance jobs:

    • Calligrapher
    • (Online) date concierge
    • Fabric reseller
  • Virtual recruiter
  • PowerPoint presentation designer
  • Children’s book illustrator
  • Genealogist
  • Credit card author

Should you graduated this month without work or internship experience, freelancing might be a way to generate money while strengthening your resume before you apply for full-time jobs.

“Employers don’t really hire for potential — you have so that you can show how you’ve applied that potential in some manner,” states Alison Eco-friendly at Ask a supervisor. “Even with entry-level jobs, you’re likely to be facing other entry-level candidates who’ve some quantity of experience.”

6. Find Online Jobs

Had you been relying on a summer time job within the now-unpredictable service industry to pay for rent or conserve for next semester’s tuition? Bring your job search on the internet.

Look for full-some time and part-time work-from-home jobs with the Cent Hoarder’s vetted WFH jobs portal.

Or, place your talents to operate toward creative side gigs. Here are a few side gigs that you can do online while social distancing:

  • Join gaming tournaments
  • Work with a political or advocacy campaign
  • Perform music, comedy, magic or other things online
  • Be considered a accountant
  • Do online research through Question
  • Be considered a transcriptionist
  • Be an online tutor

Take a look at these online jobs for college kids that pay a minimum of $15 an hour or so.

7. Make an application for Scholarships

A man does coursework on his laptop at home.

An alternative choice for covering next semester’s tuition: Make an application for scholarships.

Several scholarships need you to submit an essay together with your application, so summer time break — when it’s not necessary other schoolwork — is a superb time to pay attention to them.

Look for scholarships out of your college, county, town or condition from organizations that support people of the race, ethnicity, gender or any other census or from organizations that support your field or interests.

You may also peruse our listing of 100 crazy scholarships for stuff you never might have considered.

Don’t Let Coronavirus Cancel Your Summer time

Lots of big everything has been canceled due to the COVID-19, and that’s a significant bummer. 

But it’s not necessary to simply accept the setback for your career preparation. Get creative to take full advantage of your summer time break and your education and development continuing to move forward — even though you can’t leave the house.

Dana Sitar (@danasitar) continues to be writing and editing since 2011, covering personal finance, careers and digital media.

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