Dear Penny: Am I Too Old to Go Back to School at 60?

Dear C.,

If somebody informs you you’re creating a terrible mistake, lots of occasions the things they really mean is, “That’s not what I’d decide for my existence.”

Standing on the receiving finish of the feedback is really not useful. You’re around the cusp of massive existence decisions. You’ll need a sounding board, not really a judge. 

Lots of perfectly sane individuals are happily living from converted school buses. That does not mean they’re creating a terrible mistake, though I’d put that within my “not what I’d decide for my life” file.

And clearly, you aren’t insane to purchase your education at 60. But it’s not necessary as numerous working years ahead to extract neglect the while you did a few decades ago. 

It feels in my experience like you’re searching at existence like a test with simply two choices.

As with, A, you can aquire a job by signing up for sonography courses while residing in a college bus. 

Or B, do neither, meaning never working again and risking the rooftop over your mind.

However I think you’ve got a much more options. My big question for you personally on going after both sonography courses and college bus living is: What exactly are you attempting to accomplish? 

If you’ve wanted to become sonographer for any lengthy time, I’m very likely to let you know go for it .. But when you’re searching just to usher in earnings and make a little amount of money, I’d suggest thinking about alternatives.

Coming back for your old career in mental healthcare might not be viable, however that doesn’t mean the abilities you acquired within the field are obsolete. Possibly you could discover employment inside a supporting role that will make use of your expertise without requiring you to return to school.

Also, take into account that while you haven’t been formally employed or earned a paycheck during the last eight years, you’ve most definitely labored. Would you make use of your experience to become compensated caregiver? An alternative choice might be day care, as countless people are battling to cope with school reopenings within the coronavirus era.

When it comes to skoolie, you cite the price of rent as well as your desire to have reassurance for making this purchase. Would you dream of creating a chartered bus your house? Or would you just need affordable housing?

Think beyond what you’ll pay to purchase and renovate one. School buses will also be costly to insure and also have a large amount of maintenance costs. This isn’t a 1-and-done expense. Zoning laws and regulations may also allow it to be difficult to get a location to fit them lengthy term. Will a roof over your mind buy you confidence should you not have land to fit it on?

Renting or perhaps purchasing a small condo or rv might be less expensive and stable over time. Don’t choose to do this since you think place lower a lump sum payment and “rent-proof” yourself.

Ultimately, solve these questions . make these decisions.

It has taken the final eight years like a caregiver. You without doubt place your own needs within the backseat in that time.

Now it’s time for you to prioritize yourself. The initial step by doing this is to determine that which you really want.

Robin Hartill is really a certified financial planner along with a senior editor in the Cent Hoarder. Send your tricky money inquiries to

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