Dear Penny: My Stimulus Check Was $1,500 Short. What Can I Do?

Dear H.,

I believe the IRS, instead of your boyfriend or girlfriend, is the reason for the truth that your stimulus check was short by $1,500.

But you aren’t getting any solutions in the IRS. Should you call the stimulus check hotline, you’re unlikely to obtain anything further than a Choose Your Personal Adventure-style number of automated messages.

As well as should you reach out to an individual in the IRS, they wouldn’t be permitted to provide you with details about your ex’s taxes. Probably the most they might let you know is the fact that another person claimed them after which ask both people for documentation.

However your kids’ father had absolutely nothing to gain by unlawfully claiming the kids as his dependents. Any extra tax refund he’d get would return to the condition. And when his tax refund is grabbed for delinquent supporting your children, his coronavirus check, such as the extra $500 per child credits is going to be, too.

Lots of parents didn’t get the $500 credits for his or her children within their checks. Anecdotally speaking, most of them appear to become recipients of presidency benefits, like SSI. The Government issued lots of confusing guidance for individuals receiving these benefits, but ultimately, it came lower to:

We are able to get the information from Social Security, SSI, etc., to process your $1,200 payment. However if you simply have dependent kids, make use of the non-filer tool (the feature at that enables you to definitely provide your data should you not file taxes) to submit your kids’ information to get the $500 credits.

Simply to be obvious here: It may sound as if you did everything right.

One possible explanation would be that the IRS used the data it got from SSI rather from the information you provided while using non-filer tool.

Unhealthy news: For the time being, the government has stated that the only method to fix a repayment error is to hang about until the coming year and file a 2020 taxes to obtain the difference.

However I have it: You’ll need that cash now, not six or seven several weeks from now.

Seek advice from your son or daughter support situation manager to find out if you’re qualified for all of your children’s father’s coronavirus check.

Regrettably, most states state that if a person owes supporting your children to both condition and also the custodial parent, the condition will get compensated first when their refund is garnished. But a minimum of two claims that I’m conscious of — California and Or — have stated they’ll direct stimulus checks towards the custodial parent first.

Beyond that, it’s important to search for other kinds of assistance. The right place to begin in navigating the cornucopia of sources in your neighborhood is U . s . Way’s 211 hotline. You dial 211 in your phone, and you’re associated with somebody that will help you find assistance in your town. They might be able to show you to local housing assistance or food banks, for instance.

It’s not fair that you will most likely be waiting some time an email psychic reading the cash you’re titled to. But basically we can mix our fingers hoping the IRS pops up having a faster method to resolve this error, be sensible and think that you’ll need to survive without it $1,500 for the time being.

Robin Hartill is really a certified financial planner along with a senior editor in the Cent Hoarder. Send your tricky money inquiries to

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