Discover Bank Review: A Straightforward Choice for Online Banking

Whenever you hear the name “Discover,” you most likely consider Uncover Card. That’s understandable, because the Uncover Card may be the 4th largest charge card issuer within the U . s . States with roughly 44 million charge card holders. 

But Uncover didn’t stop with charge cards. The financial services giant experienced banking with Uncover Bank, a web-based institution that provides checking, savings and much more. 

If you are using a Uncover Card, you might be inclined to drag your financial services together under one company. Your charge card, checking, savings and CDs could be in a single handy place. 

But would be that the best selection for you as well as your finances? Our review provides you with a genuine consider the bank’s checking and savings features for people, along with its overall convenience and mobile banking features so that you can make an educated decision about in which you do your banking.

What we should like:

  • No charges or minimum balance needs
  • 1% cash return on all debit transactions
  • Simple checking account with great interest with no charges
  • Good rates on CDs

What we should don’t like:

  • $2,500 minimum to spread out a CD (that’s high)
  • No choices for business checking or savings
  • No branches or cash deposit options


Grade: B+

Uncover Bank’s most widely used bank account is really known as the Uncover Cash back Debit Account, however it operates similar to a typical bank account. This account carries no minimum opening deposit, that makes it simple to get began with one.

Additionally you won’t get pinged with many different charges. There isn’t any monthly maintenance fee and you will find no overdraft charges. 

To go for overdraft protection, link your bank account to a different account, and Uncover Bank will pull money from that account to pay for the overdraft without any transaction fee. Should you not choose the protection, the financial institution only will decline any transaction which will place your account in to the red.

When you won’t earn interest around the profit your bank account, you’ll get 1% cash return on all your debit transactions — as much as $3,000 monthly. That’s potentially an additional $30 coming the right path every month. 


Grade: A-

Just like its bank account, Uncover Bank’s Online Checking Account doesn’t have the absolute minimum opening deposit amount. Additionally you won’t look for a monthly maintenance fee or perhaps a needed minimum balance for the account. 

You’ll earn 1.60% in your money, that is far beyond the nation’s average. There’s no minimum balance requirement to begin earning the eye either. You’ll start to accrue interest once you have profit the account, whether it’s $5 or $5,000.

If you are searching to place your money right into a CD, you will get everything from a 3-month term to some 10-year term. Their rates of interest are the best available varying from .35% to two.20%, with respect to the period of term. There’s a $2,500 minimum to spread out a CD, though, that is a lot greater than most online banks. 

Small Company Banking

At the moment, Uncover Bank doesn’t offer business checking or savings accounts. 


Grade: C

Uncover Bank is definitely an online bank, so that you can achieve it anywhere together with your laptop or smartphone. The financial institution has connected having a network of 60,000 ATMs where one can access your hard earned money without any charges. 

Its web site is simple to navigate while offering checking, savings, money market accounts, CDs and IRA CDs. However, it does not have the entire suite of loans along with other lending options the major banks along with a couple of others offer. 

If you are searching for advice, its website provides a “Modern Money Blog,” which provides coverage for frugal living, the fundamentals of banking, budgeting strategies and much more.

When you are looking for a substitute card, it isn’t only free to replace it all, but you will get it expedited free of charge too. 

You will not have the ability to go to a local location or perhaps deposit cash, but fundamental essentials standard compromises you are making if you use a web-based bank.


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Mobile Banking

Grade: A-

Uncover Bank’s mobile application receives 4.8 from 5 stars within the Apple Application Store and 4.6 from 5 stars within the Google Play Store. Both of them are pretty usual for what you’ve seen for other banking apps. 

Their application includes a simple login along with the capability to set a “quick view,” which can provide you with a free account snapshot without signing in whatsoever. Once you’re inside your account, you are able to transfer money, settle payments, freeze or unfreeze your cards, or perhaps include a travel notification which means you won’t have difficulties with your card while you’re on holiday. 

Our Bank Review Methodology

The Cent Hoarder’s editorial team views greater than 25 factors in the banking account reviews, including charges, minimum daily balance needs, APYs, overdraft charges, ATM access, quantity of physical locations, customer support support access and mobile features. 

To find out the way we weigh each factor, The Cent Hoarder surveyed 1,500 people to discover what banking features matter most for you. 

For instance, we give top grades to banks which have low charges because our survey demonstrated that this is actually the No. 1 factor to consider inside a bank. Because greater than 70% individuals stated you visited an actual bank branch this past year, we consider the amount of brick-and-mortar locations. But several-third individuals use mobile phone applications in excess of 75% of the banking, so digital features will also be considered carefully.

Ratings are assigned on the proportions of one (worst) to 5 (best) stars over the following groups:

  • Personal checking accounts
  • Personal savings accounts
  • Small-business banking
  • Convenience
  • Mobile banking

Charge card and loan goods are not presently considered.

Tyler Omoth is really a cause of The Cent Hoarder.

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