Here’s How to Upcycle Clothes and Revamp Your Wardrobe

Maybe you have looked in to the depths of the closet and thought: “I don’t have anything to put on?”

In case your normal inclination would be to dejectedly dig through what you have, apparently , there’s a much better way  — also it doesn’t involve buying anything new. Enter the field of upcycling.

Here’s how you can upcycle clothing and provide yourself another(ant) wardrobe.

First, What’s Upcycling?

The word ‘upcycling’ originates from the thought of recycling a classic item, however with a twist. Upcycling isn’t just reusing something, but tweaking that item to really make it much better than before.

An upcycled outfit frequently bears little resemblance to the former condition. Take Colorado-based designer Maggie Henricks of Create Good Company. She crafts boyfriend skirts from men’s dress shirts. With patterns varying from plaid and polka dots to vibrant Hawaiian florals, Henricks’ designs alllow for a fascinating mix between masculine and female fashion norms.

Halima Garrett, who runs Thread of Habit from Nj, experienced upcycling by means of her passion for vintage clothing. Garrett had accumulated a lot clothing through the years that they simply didn’t get sound advice by using it all. Finally, she made the decision the best choice ended up being to rework some pieces.

Despite the fact that she calls her sewing skills “basic,” Garrett could make wrap pants from a classic skirt and estate purchase fabric. Actually, her website boasts a whole lingerie collection — each reworked piece contains a minumum of one vintage lingerie item.

A woman creates a new outfit out of an old skirt and an old purple shirt.

Here’s the good thing about upcycling: your clothing is going to be unique. And if you wish to provide a friend an affordable gift that they’ll cherish, upcycling a product on their behalf is advisable. You do not even require a machine, and every one of these DIY projects can be achieved in your own home. There’s an exclusivity into it that could be enough to create the least sewing-inclined person wish to upcycle clothing.

For individuals people who shouldn’t sell our upcycled clothes but want to put on them, Garrett and Henricks possess some tips and methods to consider your grandmother’s nightgown — or anything you want to redo — from frumpy to fancy.

1. Understand What to Salvage and just what to chop Up.

If you are dealing with vintage clothing or simply old clothes inside your closet, Garrett advises assessing what you’re dicing prior to taking the scissors for your favorite jeans.

If the item has stains around the armpit or perhaps a hole that’s too large to fix, go ahead and, cut.

But when you’ve saved a pre-1970s item from Goodwill’s bins and you need to preserve its original quality, it might be easier to select a different item to upcycle. You have to a product with sentimental value. Ask your mother — and yourself — before you decide to chop up her old wedding gown.

2. Begin Slowly.

Garrett has shown that it is easy to upcycle old clothes with no skills of the advanced seamstress. The simplest way to dip your toes into upcycled clothes are by beginning small. Try cutting a set of pants into shorts or cutting a lengthy-sleeve shirt right into a short-sleeve T-shirt.

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3. Make Use Of Your Wardrobe as Inspiration.

Can there be something inside your closet that you simply love? Would you want to replicate it? That’s an excellent place to begin when upcycling. Make use of the outfit you like like a model for the way you would like another item to suit. Or you such as the color mixture of a dress-up costume, think about using that combination within an upcycled piece. In the end, imitation may be the sincerest type of flattery.

A different way to reimagine what you have is searching at what something might be whether it were a different sort of outfit. Would you love the material of the dress but hate body? Allow it to be right into a two-piece set having a tshirt and skirt. Are you currently tired of your old jeans however they still fit well? Try sewing on the patch of material towards the knee.

4. Review your Old Clothes as Parts of a complete, less just one Outfit.

Henricks always thinks about anything as different bits of fabric as opposed to a shirt, a skirt or perhaps a dress. That can help her to obtain inspiration.

Calculating how big your outfit will help consider a method to creatively rework it. And should you not have sufficient to create something totally new from one piece, consider mixing multiple into one.


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“It’s vital that you think from what it’s now,” states Henricks, “and focus more about the material and patterns you have obtainable in the fabric.”

5. Youtube Tutorials are the Friend.

Youtube videos will be the best starting point for just about any technical skill. Garrett recommends trying to find tutorials on “no-sew upcycle” or “minimal sewing upcycle.”

The truth that videos under that designation exist implies that no-sewing upcycling can be done. Three of Garrett’s favorites are Angelina of BlueprintDIY, Mimi G Style and Shania O. Mason.

Pro Tip

You are able to perform a lot for your clothes by mastering these 4 simple sewing skills.

6. When Searching for Guidance, Be as Specific as you possibly can.

When searching in the piece you need to remake, consider what it’s particularly that you would like to alter. Would you like to result in the top or pants tighter? Would you like to put slits inside a dress?

After you have a tentative visual in your mind, which makes it simpler to look online for guidance. After that you can look for a specific tutorial using the exact alterations you need to make.

7. Whenever You Find Your Niche, Stick to it.

Be successful reworking one item? You do not always need to expand. Live there and find out what else that you can do within that framework.

Henricks is centered on the men’s dress shirts arena. And she or he finds inventive methods to upcycle different factors: besides she make boyfriend skirts in the shirts, but she also makes collars for dogs in the shirt collars and crop tops. She is a superb example that finding your fashion lane and sticking with it may yield probably the most inventive and inventive ideas.

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