How a Sou-Sou Helped This Woman Save Money to Start a Business

Editor’s note: This publish was initially printed in 2016.

Saving happens to be challenging for me personally. As I continuously applied the pay-yourself-first principle to my finances, I battled that you follow my budget.

Then when I needed to begin a cake-decorating business, I desired a different way to cover my startup costs. I preferred not to get financing due to interest fees.

A co-worker recommended beginning a sou-sou.

What’s that? you’re wondering. Well, continue reading.

What’s a Sou-Sou?

A sou-sou is a straightforward savings plan.

Free Airline African tradition, also is famous someplace sunny and warm, requires someone to lead a set amount of cash either weekly, bi-regular to some group account, with one member accountable for collecting the money.

The audience holds an arbitrary draw to look for the order by which each individual will get their one time payment. However, once each individual receives their funds, they still need to lead until everybody will get compensated.

A sou-sou could run for six several weeks or up to and including year — the treatment depends on the number of individuals are in onto it. Sou-sous continue until everybody gets to be a payout at least one time.

The Way I Used a Sou-Sou to begin a company

Interested in this unorthodox method to fund a brand new business? Here’s the way i began a sou-sou that helped me to make enough money to obtain my cake-decorating business off the floor.

Determine The Amount Of Money You have to Start Your Company

I produced a listing of supplies I’d need, then calculated the all inclusive costs of purchasing them. This solved the problem make certain I’d be capable of getting began after i received my payout.

Next, I searched for vendors and shopped around to get the best prices — then requested in regards to a discount for getting in bulk. It never hurts to inquire about! This solved the problem save 20% from the original cost after i eventually bought everything.

Find Money in Your Financial Allowance and produce Extra Cash

I desired to release some cash to visit toward my sou-sou, and so i made the decision to get rid of one bill from my monthly budget.

I compared my cable and internet bills to determine what was costing me more, after which canceled my $50 monthly cable service.

To earn extra money, I offered cakes at community occasions in a reduced cost. Consider the way you could earn a couple of extra dollars per month to visit toward your company.

Form an organization

Everybody within my department had formerly tried a effective sou-sou, and also, since i was all going after financial targets, it had been simple for they to jump in.

As many as 10 colleagues became a member of the sou-sou, but you can begin one with a variety of people. Ask co-workers, relatives and fellow church or gym people when they want in.

Select a Cash Collector

We nominated my supervisor as cash collector and placed our profit a locked box in her own office. A couple needed to be present when money was deposited or compensated out.

Because we all earned monthly salaries, we made the decision on the deadline for everybody to pay for up.

My supervisor seemed to be within the sou-sou. When the person collecting the money isn’t in onto it, they’re sometimes compensated a portion by each member. If my supervisor hadn’t been an associate, she would’ve received 5% in our earnings for handling the sou-sou.

Pick a Reasonable Contribution 

We considered our final objectives and unanimously made the decision on the realistic amount each individual would pay.

With 10 people, we made the decision to every lead $100 monthly — meaning we’d each obtain a $1,000 payout.

A couple of people were not able to lead the entire amount, so that they became a member of with another member to every lead $50 monthly. When their payout time came, each individual received $500 — a 50% payout.

I made the decision to double my contributions and pay $200 per month, meaning I’d get two $1,000 payouts that helped me to fund my company.

Propose Accountability 

We recommended each individual within the group be accountable to a different member to make certain they spent their cash toward their set goals.

For instance, I selected an accountability partner who’d make certain I invested my $1,000 within my business and didn’t stand on another thing.

Basically didn’t, I’d need to pay my lady 20% of my payout — a large amount we made a decision to help motivate me that you follow transpire.

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How My Sou-Sou Labored Out

Our sou-sou started in The month of january and that i received my payout in May. Since I Have bending my contributions, I received another payout in November, that we also put toward my company.

The audience initiative would be a huge a part of my motivation, and everybody agreed that getting the support of other people from the sou-sou was essential to our success.

My choice to utilize a sou-sou instead of taking out financing compensated off. I did not owe the financial institution anything, and that i saved $200 I’d have compensated in interest fees.

With the help of buddies or family, saving cash to begin a company is possible. Making $100 or $200 contributions might not appear like much, however with time, it may be enough to obtain your business off the floor or help expand it with no loan.

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