How to Prepare for a Virtual Interview or Career Fair

Employers are more and more tinkering with creative techniques to find and attract workers.

This is where remote interviews and virtual career fairs are available in. 

They’re certainly victory-win for people looking for work and employers. They may be nationwide, on-demand and discreet. They may also achieve new audiences that may be unable to reach in-person occasions. The good thing? It’s not necessary to visit for either.

“I might be unable to escape from my office for any full day or half day,” states Gayle Oliver-Plath, Chief executive officer and founding father of CareerEco, an online career and graduate-school occasions website. “But I might be able to escape for a couple of hours.”

Discretion is vital for people looking for work who’re presently employed and feel uncomfortable attending employment fair physically, states Laurie Vicente, senior marketing director for that recruitment firm Brilliant.

Oliver-Plath predicts the popularity continuously grow which people looking for work should be expecting virtual job fairs is the new norm.

Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) is a college which has leaped around the trend. Additionally to the normal career fairs, it hosts 3 to 5 virtual career fairs through CareerEco each academic year, states Richard South, an worker relations manager in the university’s career center. 

South states in-person fairs have limitations because of budgets and physical space, while virtual fairs provide a more level arena for employers and people looking for work.

“Many firms that frequent the virtual fairs do not have recruiting personnel,” South states. “So it’s engineers logging onto an online fair talking with other engineers.”

As the perks of internet job fairs are all around, there’s a couple of items to bear in mind before signing in and nabbing employment. Here’s you skill to stick out like a candidate. Point about this advice may also be put on general virtual selection interviews.

How you can Get ready for an online Career Fair

Man getting dressed

It’s very easy to miss preparation to have an interview or event that you will be attending via computer, most likely straight from your house. But don’t mistake the benefit for insignificance attending you could really take some extra planning and exercise. Here’s how you can stick out in the virtual crowd.

Perform the Proper Legwork 

Simply because the task fair is online doesn’t allow it to be less important. 

“There is the fact that misconception,” South states, “that if you are carrying out a virtual fair its not necessary to organize.”

Don’t fall under that trap. You’ve still got to check out the companies in advance and also have your tailored resume and resume cover letter all set to go just like you’d in an in-person event. Rather of doling your documents, you’ll typically have to upload them online. (The trees will thanks.)

To focus on employers on Macs and Computers, Vicente states in order to save your documents as PDFs. 

For overachievers who would like some bonuses, try writing a few resume cover letters — one general resume cover letter and the other that’s tailored for your favorite employer in the event. (We have the back if you want some assistance crafting your resume or resume cover letter.)

Yeah, multiple resume cover letters might be overkill for many, but Oliver-Plath recommends a minimum of picking out tailored questions for that employers. She states virtual occasions provide you with more capacity to investigate the organization since information ought to be easily available around the event page.

But beware — information flows for both. The business can also be in the computer and may as fast look you up. Vicente recommends a pulse check up on your social networking safe.

“Make sure all the privacy settings are going to the greatest level,” she states.

The exception, obviously, is LinkedIn. Vicente states to demonstrate your profile and personalize the URL, too. Keep it professional. She’s almost numb to the quantity of 420s along with other embarrassing things applicants leave mounted on their URLs or emails. Almost.

For other tips about making your LinkedIn profile sing, take a look at our guide.

Take Proper care of Technical Issues… Prior to the Event

Once the internet is involved, be ready for problems. The optimum time to think about them is prior to the event.

The night time before is a superb time for you to make certain everything is able to go. Is the virtual career fair profile correctly registered? Are the internet browser and flash player up-to-date? Are the documents organized and able to go?

Out on another your investment motherlode of technological issues: Wi-Fi. It features a method of eliminating at most inconvenient occasions. The easiest method to skirt this problem would be to expect it. Hard-wire your ethernet cable to your computer. This way your connection is going to be faster and much more stable. 

Technology also offers a means of getting out our worst habits. It isn’t a technological trouble in the strictest sense, but be familiar with the way you type when you are in a virtual career fair since many of the communication will be performed via a messaging system. 

No “yups,” “Ks” or “sups” — employers keep close track of such things as grammar and tone.

“You need to be worried about how you’re coming through on paper,” Oliver-Plath states. “Do not use any language that you’d use within a text.”

Be Interview-Ready

You probably did your research. You nailed the little talk to employers. You now could have an invitation to have an interview around the place. That won’t continually be the situation, however it certainly doesn’t hurt to be ready. In a virtual event, that may mean being all set to go on camera. 

South states among the greatest complaints from employers is the fact that candidates attend virtual fairs from public spaces. So make certain you’re inside a distraction-free atmosphere for that interview.

And when you’re unfamiliar with interviewing through Skype or FaceTime, it might take just a little practice. Trial runs are the saving elegance.

“I think it’s essential that you simply address it as an in-person interview,” Vicente states. “Dress to thrill dress exactly like you would [at] a normal interview.”

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Many people don’t take this part seriously, or they try to look for methods to cheat the machine.

“We’ve regrettably had somebody that has placed on a buttoned-up shirt,” Vicente laughs. “But the telephone fell, so we saw that they are putting on boxers.”

So yeah. Don’t do this. Recruiters actually want to observe that you’re using the video interview seriously.

Vicente states that Brilliant uses an “appearance rating system” during video interviews that can take into account your aesthetic and professionalism, not only your outfit. Which means the recruiter will probably be being attentive to all things in the frame — food, cans, towels on the ground, children running anxiously, boxer briefs. It’s all fair game. 

Another element to bear in mind is eye-to-eye contact. You may naturally want to check out the interviewer’s face on screen, however if you simply do this, you’ll seem to be searching lower because most webcams are slightly over the monitor.

Vicente shared these extra ideas to nail the recording interview:

  • Test out your lighting. The interviewer will need to see the face and background clearly.
  • Squeeze camera at eye level. A couple of books stacked beneath your laptop should have the desired effect.
  • Apply some extra makeup. It isn’t as visible on camera. 
  • Come with an interesting prop behind you. A bookshelf, plant or painting perform wonders. Nobody wants to determine you from an empty wall.

Oliver-Plath also had some suggestions of her very own. Her greatest suggestion?

“Absolutely never interview on the handheld device.”

It’s very apparent towards the interviewer, usually low-quality and occupies one or your hands. What if you are considering the virtual job fair out of your vehicle during lunch time? A telephone is you may have. 

Never fear. Oliver-Plath states it’s easier to tell the business that you’re away from the best atmosphere to have an interview and provide alternative occasions.

“If you cannot do an impromptu interview,” she states, “no one will hold it against you.”

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