Looking for Jobs for Disabled People at Home? Try These Ideas

Working at home is really a convenience for a lot of us. For those who have disabilities, the opportunity to work remotely could be essential.

About 7% from the people in this country of individuals with disabilities telecommutes some or all the time, estimates suggest. But it’s really a challenge to locate solely work-from-home jobs whether you’re you aren’t disabilities or otherwise. Adding medical factors towards the mix might make it even more complicated to locate home-based work.

Here are a few sources that might help.

Work-From-Home Jobs for those who have Disabilities

We’ve damaged lower this list to deal with various kinds of disabilities, including visual, hearing and mobility, amongst others.

Work-From-Home Jobs for those who have Visual Impairments

Additionally for your local LightHouse for that Blind and Visually Impaired chapter, take a look at other sources for those who have visual impairments.

Project Starfish

It is really an employment platform that trains blind individuals for virtual work possibilities in areas like sales and social internet marketing.

Project Starfish likewise helps blind people looking for work develop professional network connections with small companies and startups that can lead to lengthy-term employment possibilities.

Based on the company’s website, participants within the Project Starfish management consultant program “work virtually at home via phone, internet, and Skype, and could be based any place in the U . s . States.”

Company Program 

Entrepreneurial-minded people who wish to own and run their very own home-based business can use to the organization Program through their state’s vocational rehabilitation center.

This program gives blind individuals priority use of an exercise curriculum regarding how to run food service facilities in federal and condition structures, in addition to rest areas and welcome centers.


Transcription tasks are popular choices for people searching for work-from-home possibilities. A number of industries, including police force, legal and medical fields, depend on transcriptionists as essential areas of their workflow process.

Quick(er) Money

Mystery shopping, survey work, phone-based customer support jobs and writing have generally lower barriers to entry and are generally good methods for visually impaired people to generate money.

Work-From-Home Jobs for those who have Hearing Impairments

Though many work-from-home tasks are phone-based, some don’t require workers to possess or use phones whatsoever. Listed here are types of jobs for those who have hearing impairments.

Internet Search Engine Evaluator

Individuals with limited or or no hearing might want to consider being a internet search engine evaluator with Appen or Lionbridge. The task is entirely computer-based and pays about $15 each hour.

Social Networking Evaluator

If your internet search engine evaluator job isn’t appealing, consider its close cousin, social networking evaluator. Keep close track of Appen’s career page to discover when jobs open.

Work-From-Home Jobs for those who have Mobility Impairments

Although some individuals who use wheelchairs do not have limitations that prevent them from doing the roles we’ve pointed out, individuals with limited utilization of their hands, arms or torso may require various kinds of home-based jobs.

National Ms Society

This organization offers numerous service, resource and job suggestions on work-from-home employment possibilities for those who have limited mobility.

Voice-based Work

Individuals with torso limitations who are able to make use of a phone (without or with accommodations) might want to look at voice-based work-from-home jobs like language interpretation, customer support or tutoring.

Make Use Of Your Ability As A Copywriter

Home-based writing, editing and proofreading jobs can also be possible utilizing a computer with assistive software. Employment database FlexJobs is really a terrific source of finding this kind of work-from-home jobs, however, there are monthly and yearly service charges to gain access to the listings.

Work-From-Home Jobs for those who have Cognitive or Developmental Impairments

Work-from-home jobs for those who have cognitive or developmental impairments are as varied as each person’s unique limitations and conditions.

Many people having a cognitive impairment stand out in fields that need technical skills. Others achieve creative or performing arts.

A vocational counselor or perhaps your state’s vocational rehabilitation agency might help assess which jobs is worth considering.

Regardless of what kind of work-from-home job you’re searching for, make sure to keep close track of our work-from-home jobs portal — we publish new remote possibilities there constantly.

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