My Name is Jacob (jim) Vyn
I own a cut flower farm, all grown outdoors. In 2012, mid July, we had a massive storm come through at the peak of production, which wiped out approximately 60% of my crop. I live in Ontario, and we are very seasonal…Once the crop was wiped out, it was done for the year. In one night, my yearly income went down 60%…talk about STRESSED OUT!
Out of desperation, I went online…I could do this…It seemed everyone else was! I watched hours of Videos, bought some bogus courses, and gave it 110%…only to fail, repeatedly. Trying to start my internet business cost me money, it didn’t make me anything.
1 year went by, then another…I gave up. I went back to just being a cut flower grower, being a slave to the business, getting more frustrated as the years went by.
In 2015, I had another bad growing season, no bad storms, but dry…and HOT! People don’t like to buy flowers when it is consistently hot, so sales were bad… Required wage increases by almost 40% for my employees, meant everything cost more to produce as well. It re-ignited the spark in me to pursue an alternative income source again.
This time, I took a different approach. It was obvious to me…Now…that I needed a mentor, I needed to learn from someone, that doesn’t just say they have succeeded, but that have the PROOF! It took several months of looking, until I literally stumbled upon a video, a video that was different than others I had seen.
I of course was skeptical (duh! I had been burned before by a few “snake oil salesman”), so I watched the video over, and over. Being in business myself, it just made sense to me!
I took the plunge, paid my subscription fee (It was 100% return guarantee. I figured I’d test drive it for a few weeks, and if I didn’t like it…Cancel!)
If you are still reading this, then by now you have guessed…I didn’t cancel. I have a personal coach, I have all the training I could ever have, this education is the base, the roots, the trunk, to my success
But why believe me? You have no idea who I am!
Hopefully you will keep reading, because I am going to be Completely Honest with you…It still didn’t come easy. It requires work! You’re only going to get out of it, what you put into it… I’m not going to throw out false income claims and entice you with the 4-hour work week…It’s just not true…at least not yet! I figure a doctor, or lawyer, or dentist, or plumber for that matter, must go to school and placements, and apprenticeships for 10+ years to reach an income of 6-7 figures a year, and then still have to pay back all the tuition costs. If get there in 3-4 years, I’m doing it rather quickly!
So that’s where I am, and I know where I’m going. Feel free to tag along for the ride, and hopefully I can give you some valuable pointers to save you from copying my mistakes!
Feel Free to send me a message if you have any questions.
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