The Cushion App Will Refund Your Bank and Credit Card Fees

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Bank charges would be the worst.

They often appear as soon as you can really use individuals couple of extra dollars inside your account — a regular monthly maintenance fee whenever your balance dips below $1,500 an overdraft fee for spending one cent a lot of or perhaps an ATM fee for individuals occasions you’ll need cash.

Sure, they’re not massive deductions. But $5 here and $12 there can definitely accumulate with time, and without you realizing, your hard-earned money has disappeared.

Take 22-year-old Colorado resident David Lopez, for instance. Sure, he’s an economic advisor now, but only a few years back, he battled to handle his money. Bills stacked up, and he’d overdraft his account. The charges he tallied up were getting away from control and which makes it impossible in order to save for future years.

He then discovered an application known as Cushion, which guaranteed to battle his bank and charge card companies to pay back the charges they’d obtained from him. Since registering, Cushion has put $431 in his pocket.

This Application Will get A Refund From Banks and Charge Card Companies

Cushion negotiates in your account using the banking institutions charging you charges. It really works using more than 15,000 banks, lending institutions and charge card companies, so odds are, yours is out there.

Here’s how it operates: Whenever you register, you’ll connect the financial institution accounts and charge cards you would like Cushion to scan for charges, then choose your plan. Lopez subscribed to the very best-tier plan, that takes with an limitless quantity of negotiations for you personally.

Then Cushion rolls up its sleeves and negotiates the charges for you personally. The procedure may take between 2 days to 3 several weeks, but it’s not necessary to complete anything. Cushion will show you if it is become a refund.

How This Financial Advisor Recouped $431 in Bank Charges

Lopez, who’s now not in debt and dealing like a financial advisor, is saving for any lower payment on his first house — something he didn’t think was possible just 2 yrs ago as he was constantly being billed overdraft charges.

“I love how easy it’s,” he states. “I don’t need to do anything whatsoever, and they’ve solved the problem have a refund.”

Lopez didn’t even realize simply how much he’d been billed in overdraft charges until Cushion demonstrated him the figures. Now he’s taking better proper care of his finances and dealing difficult to make certain individuals charges don’t damage his financial effort.

“The money I’ve had the ability to return continues to be helping me pay my bills and it is helping me obtain a house now,” he states. “Knowing it isn’t becoming ‘lost money’ is one thing I truly do appreciate.”

What You Will Really Do When You Are Reunited Together With Your ‘Lost Money’?

Cushion has plans beginning at $36 annually (that’s $3 per month). Which means for that cost of 1 overdraft fee, Cushion will negotiate all your charges for a whole year — and also you keep 100% from the refunds. That’s a small investment toward a charge-free future.

Plus, syncing your money or charge card towards the application is fast and secure, and it is easy to see money-back inside your account within 48 hrs.

Up to now, Cushion has retrieved greater than $two million in bank and charge card charges. See how much cash your bank owes you.

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