The High Cost of Convenience Checks, Plus 4 Better Options

You open the mail to locate three blank checks.

A present out of your charge card company? Hardly.

Convenience checks, as they’re known, may be used to repay balances on other cards, buy things that you simply couldn’t make use of your charge card for in order to write the take a look at to cash (even going to yourself).

But individuals checks are in no way free money — even when it might appear like the reply to your problems in case your finances took an abrupt turn for that worse.

“Basically, you’re just writing a cheque to a person, however the cash is coming off your charge card,” stated Alexandra Wilson, Certified Financial Planner. 

Which means whatever amount you are writing the checks for will get put into your charge card balance — combined with the attendant interest. Here’s what you ought to learn about convenience checks — and a few better alternatives.

What Exactly Are Convenience Checks?

Convenience checks are actually just marketing tools utilized by the charge card companies to provide an alternative choice for spending. While they could be a convenient method to pay somebody that can’t have a charge card in order to access cash rapidly, that convenience comes in a expensive.

Pro Tip

If you are afraid you will be enticed by blank checks coming within the mail, you are able to opt from preapproved/prescreened offers by registering at  

Before you decide to cash certainly one of individuals checks, you need to know what you’re getting whenever you sign up that line.

Rates Of Interest

Because convenience checks are basically cash withdrawals, you’ll pay a greater rate of interest than you’d should you be buying together with your charge card in a check out or online. 

And other alike to payday loans, you’ll start accruing interest immediately whenever you write convenient check — unlike the elegance period you normally get having a charge card purchase.

Pro Tip

One rare situation when utilizing convenient check may be the better alternative? When the rate of interest for that convenience check is under other option, for example with like a pay day loan.

Even though you get an offer within the mail for any short time % APR around the checks, read the small print. 

That APR may affect an account balance transfer, and even though you can find the % rate of interest, you may be billed convenient fee. And when you miss the marketing deadline, be prepared to be billed the eye around the entire amount as soon as you authored the check.

Line Of Credit Limits

Prior to using among the checks, realize that you do not get limitless spending power — and also you normally have less to invest than you’d should you used your charge card to help make the purchase.

”Your borrowing limit may be $2,000, however your cash loan limit may be $500,” Wilson stated. “So should you write a cheque for $1,500, it’s likely to bounce.”


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Options to Convenience Checks

With respect to the reason you’ll need the cash, think about these options to convenience checks:

1. Make Use Of Your Charge Card. 

When the business won’t accept charge cards, consider whether you can buy the product or service elsewhere. Furthermore, most charge cards offer purchase protection if there is a problem, that you simply likely won’t get having a convenience check.

2. Consider a digital Balance Transfer. 

If you are attempting to transfer an account balance from another charge card, consider a digital balance transfer rather of utilizing convenient check. You might be able to look for a better marketing APR period by doing the transfer digitally, your issuer may charge less charges than should you used the paper convenience checks.

Should you can’t look for a balance transfer offer in your charge card issuer’s website, contact the charge card company directly, Wilson advised.

“Call the charge card issuer to find out if they are able to provide you with a balance transfer rather of just writing the check,” she stated. “Even with balance transfer promotions, you are able to really send money for your bank account.” 

4. Make use of a Mobile Payment Service

You’ll get billed convenient fee if you are using your charge card, but mobile payment services like Venmo or PayPal charge around 3% for delivering money to individuals utilizing a charge card. If you’re able to remove the charge card payment through the next deadline, you’ll save a lot of money on interest over a convenience check.

5. Purchase Gift Certificates. 

This method won’t work oftentimes, however if you simply owe a person, inquire if they’ll accept gift certificates as payment. You can buy one for the total amount you owe the individual from one of the leading card card providers — like American Express, Visa, MasterCard — that they’ll use for the most part retailers. 

Pro Tip

Should you decide to not use convenience checks you obtain within the mail, write “void” across each check and shred them so would-be thieves can’t get hold of them.

There might be an activation fee connected with activating the credit card, but it’s typically a far greater rate than you’ll get having a convenience check.

And each dollar it can save you now may be used to develop your savings for that next cash emergency.

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